Namaste! I’m Concetta Codding

All her life, Concetta Codding has been drawn towards something greater than herself. Searching for a greater purpose in the Universe and drawing upon its energy, Concetta studied in Connecticut and received her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2017. She went to Peru in July 2018 for her 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher training. She is currently a certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher. Since her first training, she has been locally leading classes in the hope of teaching how to breathe, meditate, flow and ultimately heal. She received her Reiki 1 certificate in 2017 and Reiki 2 & 3 in Sedona, Arizona in 2018. She founded the New England Meditation Group. The New England Meditation group currently consists of over 600 members and is growing each day.

After participating in Cacao ceremony in Peru and building a relationship with this transformative plant medicine, Concetta facilitates Cacao ceremonies and shares this ancient wisdom. She offers a space to connect to one’s inner world, and make deeper connections with like-hearted people. She loves to come together with the sacred heart medicine, Cacao.

She reminds students to find and return to the eternal present moment. At the end of class, Yin poses lead to a calming, balancing effect on the body and mind guiding us into  sacred savasana.

Concetta infuses her classes with a tranquil energy upholding tradition through breathwork, mantra, and philosophy. Music is an essential part of class, specifically inspirational, devotional, and healing music. Come join us for a journey into the power within that is for everyone who wants to acquire the power to understand, learn, and heal.


1. Concetta founded the New England

Meditation Group and has been trying to spread the Sacred practice of Meditation throughout Connecticut and the surrounding states. The New England Meditation group currently consists of over 500 members and is growing each day. There are affiliates for the group, who lead group meditations throughout New England to help others in the community connect to their Higher Self.

2. Some of Concetta’s favorite hobbies include

hiking, running, photography and pottery. She loves to hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She is working on the 48 4000 footers. She has ran three marathons (Hartford Marathon two times and the New York City Marathon once). She is currently working on running a 5k every month during 2019! She also does freelance photography and loves working with clay!

Want to learn more about Mindfulness and Meditation?

Concetta has created a FREE 5 page manual that includes how to-s, tips, and resources!

3. Concetta was proposed to

on the highest mountain in NY, Mount Marcy to her wonderful fiance, Stefan…  Lord have Marcy!

4. Concetta has been blessed

with many sweet angels in her life, including her parents and beautiful sister, Cathleen. She has another sweet angel in her life, her Bernese mountain dog, Luna.

5. Concetta studied in CT

for her 200 hour training and then spent a month in the Sacred Valley of Peru for her 300 hour training with School Yoga Institute. She studied Yoga infused with Shamanism and Ayurveda. Concetta feels deeply connected to the South American culture.

6. Concetta’s name has been passed down to her.

She is Concetta the fifth!

7. Concetta was born on July 5 (7/5)

at 7:05 in the morning and weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces.

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8. Concetta’s favorite Yoga pose is any variation

of Lotus pose, Padmasana. She loves the connection to Earth and Water as well as the symbol of spiritual awakening through the unfolding of the petals. When in Lotus pose, she feels both grounded and spiritually connected. It is in this pose when she can rest in deep peace, our true essence.

9. Concetta’s favorite quote is

“We are all walking each other home.”
– Ram Dass.

10. Ram Dass has been one of Concetta’s

greatest inspirations and teachers. She listens to his podcasts weekly and enjoys reading his books. When he speaks, she feels reminded of truth.

“I have been practicing yoga for years. Concetta’s class offered me exactly what I search to experience in a yoga class. The connection to self & the divine lite that resides in each of us. Concetta is a beautiful, down to earth, humble, gifted teacher. If you are looking for a deeper connection in your yoga class then you must experience her class!”

Michele Greene

“Yoga with Concetta is a must! You have to experience her energy to truly understand how amazing her classes, meditations and workshops are. I am blessed to have connected with Concetta on my healing journey, she is so gifted and genuine, it’s an honor to hear all the wisdom she has to share.”

Joleen King

“I’ve taken many Yoga Classes with Concetta over the past years.I would highly recommend taking a class with her – you will be instantly hooked. Her classes are a different then the “typical” yoga classes. Her voice is deep & calming,always steady and chill , the energy of the group is relaxed , gentle yoga poses, amazing playlist of music, but the best thing for myself is it’s more mindful based yoga that helps me mentally stay focused and in the moment throughout the class Take my word and try her class and be hooked also.”

Glenn Bagdoian

“Concetta’s Yoga classes are unique in format. Concetta is able to integrate the asanas with a spiritual experience transforming a practice into a mindful and soul-searching restful refuge from thoughts that might hinder balance and harmony in your body. Practicing with Concetta has been a way of connecting to the whole. You become part of the oneness we all seek.”

Christine Sweeney-Bernier

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful teacher! Her pure and humbling intentions can center you after the longest, most stressful days! Thank you for helping me dig a little deeper!”

Aimee-Rose Willett

“I just recently started yoga and I LOVE going to Concetta’s Yoga classes! She is extremely welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable. Since I am new to Yoga, I am just learning all of the poses, so if i get stuck she is always right by my side to help me which is awesome! Her classes are amazing and I cannot wait to attend more!”

Sophia Moumouris

“Concetta is an old soul. She really believes everything she teaches and lives her Yoga. I can’t get enough of her classes and would recommend them as not just “exercise” but an opportunity to heal. We are all truly blessed to have her in our community.”

Lisa LaRochelle

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